China and Panama Government Sign Maritime Agreement

On November 17, witnessed by President Xi Jinping and Panamanian President Barrera, who visited China for the first time after the establishment of diplomatic relations, Li Xiaopeng, Minister of Transport and Panama's Maritime Administrator Barakat, respectively, as authorized representatives of their respective governments, jointly held the Beijing People's Hall Signed the "Agreement between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of Panama on Shipping Agreements" ("CBA Agreement"). The heads of the two countries spoke highly of the importance of signing the "Agreement on Maritime Services between China and Pakistan" for the development of shipping industry in the two countries and agreed to further strengthen the deep cooperation in maritime transport and maritime affairs so as to jointly build the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road. "
    Li Xiaopeng and Barrakat agreed that the maritime transport industry is of great significance to the economic development of both countries. Both countries have long-standing friendly exchanges and cooperation with the maritime and maritime authorities of both the A-type countries and the two countries, and establish diplomatic relations between the two countries It has built an important bridge and is of great significance to the development of the bilateral relations. The two sides agreed to use "China-Pakistan Maritime Agreement" as a new starting point to comprehensively expand the cooperation in the fields of maritime transport, maritime affairs, ports and other transportation infrastructures. Barakat said that the signing of the CBA's maritime transport agreement will surely bring new opportunities for the development of the maritime industry in Panama. Pakistan will vigorously develop its port construction and welcome more Chinese enterprises to invest in Pakistan and take part in the project construction and management. Li Xiaopeng said that the Chinese government has always supported and encouraged China's capable and reputable enterprises to participate in the construction of overseas transportation infrastructure. He thanked Pakistan for its invitation to Chinese enterprises and hoped both sides could carry out various forms of mutually beneficial win-win situations under the guidance of the market economy principle. Cooperation.
    Panama is a traditional maritime power with registered fleet of its own (gross tonnage) in the world. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan, the two sides promoted the signing of the "Agreement on Maritime Transport between China and Brazil," and after more than four months of close communication In close consultation, the agreement text was agreed and initialed in late September. According to the agreement, the maritime administrations, port organizations and enterprises of the two countries will also step up exchanges and cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit so as to jointly promote the development of each other's maritime industry and ports. The vessels flying the flags of the two countries will enjoy each other's ports by calling each other's ports The concessionary duty-paid tax and the most-favored-nation treatment of other port services; the mutual recognition of crew identity documents, international ship certificates and other ship documents issued by the competent authorities of the two countries.