Air safety packaging and packaging techniques

In air transport safety packaging is particularly important, the actual operation is often easily overlooked, the following exchange CEVA for everyone to talk about.
First, the appropriate packaging
Q: What is the appropriate packaging?
A: Good packaging makes goods from pickup to arrival are intact.
Two improper packaging (the following is unacceptable packaging)
1. Tape and rope
2. Not waterproof tape
3. The box or boxes reused
4. Styrofoam
5. No built-in protection
6. No inner packaging trifling items
7. Handbags, luggage
8. Packaging has been damaged or has been exposed to moisture of
Built-in protection
If the package from inside a moving sound of the collision, should check the inside of the packaging, make sure the internal packaging materials can be posted to protect against collision damage or before transport.
Glass items
Glass or glass should be individually packaged inside the box before loading. When an individual bubble film packaging applications to crash, completely wrapped before put inside the box. Or you can use the same itself and individual goods can be fixed at the beginning of the goods styrofoam as packaging to protect fragile items.
Trifling items
Nuts, bolts, nails, screws, etc. should be wrapped in burlap, and then into strong solid outer box packaging. As a result, even if exterior damage, the article also intact in burlap bag.